Waiver & Consent Form

Last updated: 29 Sep 2023

By signing this consent form, I/we (as the “Borrower”) hereby agree that ONELOT FINANCING CORPORATION (the “Lender”), directly or through its Partners, including but not limited to CIBI Information Inc., FINSCORE INC., and TRUSTING SOCIAL AI PHILIPPINES INC., may collect, retrieve, process, use and store my/our Personal Data. This data includes my/our name, age, photographs, mobile number/s, mobile phone usage data, employment details, income, financial data, financial profile, credit standing, loan payment history, and other information required in the application form for the purpose of reviewing and processing my/our loan application.

I/we hereby authorize the Lender and its Partners to obtain additional facts and information about me/us through legal means and authorize them to access information about me/us which may be in any national, provincial, regional or city files, including those maintained by both public and private organizations, and all public records. I/we understand that this information will be processed to evaluate and assess my/our creditworthiness.

I/we hereby authorize the Lender and its Partners to collect information from me/us or from other personal information controllers such as, but not limited to, telecommunications companies, private and public credit bureaus and credit information providers, for credit scoring purposes.

I/we understand that my/our Personal Data such as my/our mobile number, email address, TIN, SSS, GSIS, identity documentation and address, will be shared to a credit scoring service provider for credit investigation, credit scoring, data analytics, and data profiling, which includes the regular updating of my/our credit score. The Personal Data secured may also be used for direct marketing of products and services of Partners.

I/we understand, further, that the credit checking may involve getting access to my/our credit data from the Credit Information Lender “CIC” by a Special Accessing Entity “SAE” engaged by the Lender or its Partners. I/we further authorize the Lender and its Partners, their SAE provider, and the CIC to access the pertinent credit data about me and release such data to the company for the sole purpose of establishing my credit standing. The credit check report shall be kept confidential and should be disclosed only to the persons/entities authorized herein.

I/we understand that the Lender can use my/our personal and telecommunication usage data or “telco usage score”, during and after the lifetime of the loan for ongoing credit scoring purposes, as well as to be able to score me/us for future loan applications, financial or consumer products and services, whether for the Lender or for another party.

I/we agree that the Personal Information shall be retained by the Lender for as long as necessary for the services or purposes above and shall continue to be retained for a period of (5) years notwithstanding the termination of the Loan Agreement. Once the Lender no longer has a legal or business purpose for retaining the Personal Data, it will take steps to erase, destroy, anonymize or prevent access or use of such Personal Data for any purpose other than compliance with this Policy, or for purposes of safety, security, fraud prevention and detection, in accordance with the requirements of applicable laws.

I/we hereby acknowledge that throughout the processing of my/our personal data, the rights under the Data Privacy Act of 2012, such as the (1) right to be informed, (2) right to object, (3) right to access, (4) right to rectification, (5) right to erasure or blocking, and (6) right to damages, shall be upheld, and that entities to whom the data is shared will also respect the same rights.

I/we have read and understood the above and hereby consent to, agree on, accept and acknowledge these terms of consent for myself/ourselves and/or as agent/s for and on behalf of the principal/s I/we represent by signing below.